Stefan (Le Beau Brothers #3)


The Le Beau family is Louisiana wolf shifter royalty. Its matriarch has a straight line to the Goddess, who reveals the identities of her son’s perspective mates, and encourages her motherly guidance. This is Stefan’s story and his search for the “mate” he’s seen in dreams.  Stefan, burned from a century-old heartbreak, is a perpetual man-whore, specializing in one-night stands and zero commitment. When he finally finds the mate who possesses the other half of his soul, he’s determined to make her his. El Jorgenson has other ideas. Still traumatized from a horrific college experience, she suffers from panic attacks and self-esteem issues over her plus-size curves. She can’t imagine why a man like Stefan would be interested in her, other than to humiliate her.

This story is an easily read, playful romp containing a few loose ends. El is a large-animal vet doing everything but veterinarian work. Stefan’s corporate career is a mystery. He mentions getting his nephews to investigate something but doesn’t follow through. Nothing becomes of the newspaper headline revealing that someone from El’s past has been released from prison and residing in New Orleans. El seems annoyingly insensitive toward Stefan for someone who’s suffered through her own humiliating moments. However, POV shifts, howling wolves, and wet panties aside, the sex scenes are descriptively steamy, and the romance toward the end of the book will have you wishing for your own sigh-worthy, Cajun-speaking, billionaire wolf-shifter. 

Lori Leger