Laurel Blake is an on-duty police officer when an alien attacks her undercover operation in Balboa Park.  She barely survives, and is rescued by a crew of aliens who was sent out to capture the murderous alien (which can be best compared to a vampire). They take Laurel aboard their ship because her wounds can only be treated by their technology, which is far superior to that on earth.  The downside is that once she learns about the existence of alien life forms, Laurel will never be allowed back home. 


Darius Starlaw is the commanding officer in control of the starship, Titan. Reluctant at first, he eventually allows his crew to take care of Laurel, and he even starts to like the stubborn cop when he’s forced to spend time with her on his ship. Most of the time is spent on the starship, which is headed to the planet Luster, so the vampire-alien can be put on trial there. The ship makes a few stops along the way though, introducing the reader to various other alien planets and life forms. 


The book offers a solid dose of romance. It takes a while for the romance to build up, and the characters to get to know one another. Not surprising, considering they come from totally different worlds. Laurel is an engaging heroine, and Darius is the typical stubborn alpha. The writing is decent, and it’s easy for the reader to connect to the main characters. The world-building could use a bit more work though – for a vast science-fiction setting, we get little background or history of the various planets they visit along the way. 


Majanka Verstraete