Spirited Away (The Psychic Detectives Series #3)


SUSPENSE THRILLER:  “Spirited Away” by Angela Campbell is a fascinating paranormal/suspense/romance that is hauntingly believable, heartwarming, and dangerous all rolled up into a well-ordered package! Ms. Campbell created a maze of locations that sends her characters scrambling to understand while trying to keep themselves alive. That is where Ms. Campbell slips in her romance and surprises the reader into agreeing with everything she had purported up unto that point. Then she sends her hero/heroine in an entirely different direction, only to have to back track to where they began. ”Spider” and Noah West, along with the dogs and a cat, are able to uncover a murder all the while trying to keep said murderer from eliminating them as well!

Angela Cambell is an excellent author. She has a way with words that keep readers enthralled. It is refreshing to find someone that writes intriguing and exciting paranormal/suspense. The market is drenched with paranormal books right now, but this book allows one a fresh breath of air in an otherwise stuffy genre. “Spirited Away” is four and a half star book in a series of three, but it is readable as a standalone. The reader might be surprised to find out it is in a series if they were unaware. Not necessarily a bad thing but it might be helpful to add a small introduction for a "first time to the series" reader. 

Mary-Nancy Smith