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Holiday Queen

CONTEMPORARY: Camille has worked her rear end off to become successful in her chosen career, and she thought her long-term boyfriend was with her all the way – until she walks in on him cheating on her with his secretary. Fuming more than hurt, Camille gets a picture text from a stunningly good looking stranger… a wrong number text was never so hot – or perfectly timed.

Maid Marian would rather be known as the greatest swordswoman or the best rider in all the land than the fairest. Her family has managed to keep their heritage a secret for decades, and avoiding the villainous Prince John is the only way to do that. She never thought hiding in a monastery would bring trouble her way, but enemies lurk everywhere.

Willa Scarlett is charged with a secret mission by her mistress – travel with a trunk full of treasure (some of which are magic) through Sherwood Forest, where Robin Hood and the Merry Men are supposed to steal it in order to keep it from the evil hands of the villainous Prince John.

Doctor Katie Gallagher is a well-respected ER physician at a big hospital in Seattle, living the live she thinks she wants – but then a call from her older sister in the middle of the night has her racing back to her hometown to handle her father’s practice as he recovers from a heart attack. Being home is the last thing Katie wants… at least she thinks so.

CONTEMPORARY: Alicia Maxwell is dedicated, putting all of her focus and energy into making her bakery, Bitty Cakes, a rousing success – without any help or interference from her police officer father and brothers. Alicia is so determined to succeed that she has erected walls around herself to prevent anyone from getting in her way.