Spellbound Captive


Kade Rennick’s ultimate goal in life is to free the world of all dragon spirits. Recently freed from the spawn of a spirit himself, Kade finds himself facing off with the beautiful yet confused Faith Edwards. Faith has made it her mission to free her childhood friend from the control of a dragon spirit. The last twelve years of her life have been an utter nightmare and she longs to be free from the evil enthralling her friend and affecting her life. The attraction between Kade and Faith intensifies as they both search for a way to defeat their enemy.

The premise is interesting and unique and makes for an intriguing tale: a witch desperate to save her friend and a man determined to rid the world of evil. The pair makes a passionate couple and their adventure is interesting. The author weaves a tale that is colorful and in some instances beautifully described.

However, there are discrepancies and inconsistencies, which could possibly break the reader's rhythm, right from the opening scene. Both the external and internal dialogue tend toward the tedious and overly descriptive side, losing the reader's interest along the way and allowing the plot to slip. The realm of magic that the author has built lacks believability in certain instances. This is a shame, because had it been smoothed out, the story and the character would have come across more rounded off. There is great chemistry between the hero and heroine, adding to the tension of the pair from achieving their goals. An interesting and colorful read.

Cecilia Robins