Spell Caster


ANTHOLOGY:  “Love Caster” and “In the Darkness” introduce the reader to Anna Marie Bowden, a spell caster from Michigan and her boyfriend, Killian Blane. Drawn into a mystery surrounding her home, she tries to protect her family while hiding her abilities as a witch from those around her — except of course from her grandmother, who is also a witch. In addition, she seeks to be a "real" teen: finding true love and fighting with her father, who wishes only to protect his little girl. 

“First Holiday” is about Lyla, a Fire Bringer, and Ethan, an Ice Bringer, who celebrating their first Christmas together. This entirely new experience for Lyla provides entertainment and pleasure for all. 

“First Holiday” is a cute, but predictable tale of young love. Nicely written, it is an all too brief introduction to the world Ms. Hamrick has created.  "Spell Caster" and "In the Darkness" are intriguing stories of a young witch trying to hide her powers from those around her. Unfortunately, the author introduces so much information that the reader is easily confused, so much so that differentiating between the stories is difficult.  Add in redundancy, a difficult point of view to read, and an unfulfilling ending, and the story quickly loses its appeal. 

Overall, Ms. Hamrick has a great ability to create interesting characters and her worlds are intriguing. With some polish, the stories would be of great interest to readers of this genre. 

Penelope Anne Bartotto