E. J.

FANTASY:  Jordan is struggling with his current position of being unable to help his people because he’s been stripped of his title and powers. Yet he still wants to help. He embarks on a journey to the Realm of the Gods to obtain a soul for his friend Adem. Adem is a golem under the control of the Forger, an evil wizard hell-bent on destroying the Gods, so he can use his creations to control the people. Jordan faces the task of helping good overpower evil, but at what cost?

In this third installment of the “Chronicles of the Third Realm War” series, the story will pull the reader in from the first page, keeping them enthralled with chapter after chapter of epic fantasy and the quest to right wrongs and save the world. Jordan and his companions face numerous hardships and trials on their journey, where they learn many things about themselves and each other, including how far they will go to protect those that they love.  This in turn lends a heart-warming and heart-wrenching element to the final chapters. The characters, both mythical creatures and humans, are well developed and interesting, and the world itself is fascinating. This story does contain some mild LGBTQ themed scenes. From beginning to end, a thoroughly enjoyable story that any lover of fantasy stories will be able to lose themselves in.

Katy Nielsen