Souls (Grimnirs #2)


Cora is an immortal and she loves helping souls before they are reaped. Her parents have no idea about their daughter’s special “gift”. They think of her as a normal teenager, a girl who is a junior in high school. She has a boyfriend named Echo who is literally straight from Norse mythology. He is the main reaper for Hel. Most of Cora’s friends are Valkyries, immortals who collect fallen warriors and take them to Valhalla and Falkvang, or Grimnirs, Reapers for Hel. There are dark souls who are evil and try to possess Cora. Echo is Cora’s constant protector and manages to keep all but one dark soul away from her and that is Devyn.


It is so refreshing that Ms. Walters put a vocabulary in the front of the novel before the story even begins. This really helps to understand who and what the various characters are in the Norse mythology. This is not a stand-alone novel and would be better understood if read in order of the series. There are some glaring editing problems with this story; missing words, incorrect tenses used, irregular punctuation, as well as the wrong homonyms used. These are quite a distraction in an otherwise interesting and unique story. The characters were endearing and full of typical teenage angst, even though several of them were hundreds of years old. With editing this novel could be a special addition to any sci-fi fan’s library.


Belinda Wilson