The Soul's Agent


Navi sees her ex-boyfriend Alec four years after a brutal break up when he accused her of cheating—she didn’t—and then walked away. The truth is, she fights specific demons for Death. They steal his souls and give them to sea witches who use them as shields to rise from the ocean to wreak havoc. However, unless you’re an Agent, it is all hidden from view, which keeps people safe, but looks less than innocent sometimes. 


"The Soul's Agent" contains some novel concepts in the female warrior genre: Navi's skills are only good at night, include some pretty amazing swords, but also limit the bad guys to exact locations so this world has no chance of being completely overrun, and Death is actually compassionate. Navi’s army is made up of ghosts looking to redeem themselves from Hell. This is told in dueling first person between Alec and Navi and done fairly well; though offsetting their thoughts would have made it less confusing in places. The largest problem is the timeline of their relationship and maturity, which requires too much suspension of belief.  The fallout happened during senior year of high school, and it’s intimated they had spent years together as a couple. The depth of emotion, love and longing from both of them are amazing and brutally honest, but that plays into not quite fitting into their ages. Had the breakup been their senior year of college instead, believability wouldn’t be an issue. Navi is a force to be reckoned with, and once Alec gets his head unstuck, the two are sure to have unbelievable stories to come!


Julie York