The Sorcery Code


FANTASY:  A powerful outcast sorcerer, Blaise has spent the last year of his life working on a special magical object that will allow commoners to use magic, but despite all his talent and skill something goes wrong. He doesn’t create an object, he creates a beautiful, highly intelligent woman!  Gala, his creation, wants only to learn everything she can about the world and convince her creator that the love between them is real. However, Blaise’s former fiancée, Augusta, sees only a monster Blaise has unleashed on the world. With help from her warrior lover, Barson, she sets out to destroy Gala. All wish to protect the world, but when everyone has an agenda, the world will never be the same.


An intriguing medieval type fantasy told from multiple points of view.  Zales has created a world where Sorcerers are the elite and use complex mathematics and physics to create magical spells while everyone else fills the common class. However, unrest abounds as commoners chafe under Sorcerers' rule and the Sorcerer’s fear another rebellion like the one that overturned the aristocracy and put them in charge. With this as the backdrop, Blaise, Gala, Barson, and Augusta are all fully fleshed-out characters with motivations, backgrounds, and unique voices. The romance is effortlessly woven in from the beginning, and while it’s not the main thread, it works well. The only flaw is the slow start as each character is introduced. However, lovers of intrigue, magic, and rebellions, will  assuredly want to add this book to their to-read shelf!


Sarah E Bradley