A Song to Remember


While on a business trip, Bekah meets Shane, a sexy saxophone player.  They hit it off right away and have what she thinks will be a one-night stand.  Shane and Bekah are both werewolves.  Shane disappears the next morning, and Bekah goes back home to New Orleans, to her daughter and the café that she owns. Out of the blue, Shane appears with no memory, but something brought him to her. He doesn’t remember her or know exactly why he ended up there.  Since Bekah is Shane’s ‘fate-bound’ she works with Shane to try to help him regain his memory as well as figure out what happened to make him lose it in the first place.

This is a sweet romance between two werewolves who walk around every day as regular people with regular jobs.  The characters of Bekah and Shane could have been developed a bit more outside of their relationship to give the reader more insight into their world.  A little more background may have been helpful.  Readers looking for a true werewolf-type story will be left wanting more. In most paranormal stories, readers get more references to the characters’ paranormal conditions as well as descriptions of their werewolf-like activity.  As a romance, however, “A Song to Remember” has all of the elements of a great love story, and the reader will be rooting for Bekah’s happily ever after!

Stephanie Shaw