Sonder Village


FANTASY:  Remy is running again. After suffering through several miscarriages, her curse, a divorce, and hitting a roadblock in her painting, Remy flees to Spain where she stumbles upon an opportunity to buy a small village along the miraculous pilgrimage path Camino De Santiago. As soon as she sees the ruins, Remy knows it should be hers. But returning the village to its former glory will take a lot of hard work, and Remy keeps having strange run ins with the handsome Bieito, a local fisherman who entices her and revitalizes her interest in her art — but is literally living in 1846. Yet, when Remy’s past returns to haunt her, Remy will have to choose between what everyone thinks she should do, and what she knows needs to be done to save not only herself but Bieito as well. 

A time traveling romance, “Sonder Village” is a story full of emotion! The heroine, Remy, is a complex character readers will either love or hate. She is surrounded by tragedy, much she views as her fault, and the addition of a magical village begins her journey of self-discovery, as she feels a connection to it no one else senses. Using a steady pace and a cast of shallow characters that fuel her actions, the plot focuses on her romance with Bieito which is one of mutual fascination motivated by mystery and danger, and her self-absorbed character which caused complications with her ex and threatens to do so again.  Readers who enjoy hints of magic and the time travel will find several reasons to explore Remy’s journey, making this a good book to add to your to-read list.

Sarah E Bradley