Son of Dragons (Legends of Oblivion #2)

Andrea R.

FANTASY:  Mirhana, a cursed Elvin, hides from the world but protects it at the same time. It’s a hard existence for someone who’s lived for centuries. Her lovers have all died, and her hope for a forever partner has died with them. Prince Landon is enamored when he joins forces with her and a group destined to fight the Warloc’s plan to regain his power and physical existence. Success or failure depends on magic, trust and faith. A challenging journey lies ahead for the souls destined to forge their way toward the final confrontation. 

A prophecy, an adventure and magical characters take the reader on a road travelled many times, but Ms. Cooper’s creative storytelling makes it a worthwhile journey. The love between Mirhana and her prince does not cause the heart to thunder, but the pulse rate will rise. This fantasy is filled with description of places and creatures that have dangerous yet useful powers. Even the black and red striped cat has a personality. Well-crafted scenes, each completed and enthusiastically told, will fulfill a fantasy reader’s thirst. Ms. Cooper sets roadblocks in the way of the hero and heroine ever possessing the love they both seek in each other. No surprise, the prince is betrothed to another. There’s treachery, redemption and an end hook for the readers. Stepping stones are set to point the reader toward the next book in the series. Excitement and an action-packed finish will leave memorable literary teeth marks with “Son of Dragons”!

Natasza Waters