Son of Anubis


With the best nose for bombs at Newark International Airport, Jake the Shepherd and his human handler Becca Carter are the best. When he finds an ancient artifact, their world turns upside down and they risk losing one another. After the attack, Jake can’t figure out what’s going on but knows he has to protect Becca from a smuggler who will stop at nothing to make sure no one finds out what he’s up to. When werewolves begin hunting them, Jake will stop at nothing to keep Becca safe: she’s his world and he adores her. 

"Son of Anubis" is a novel with a very intriguing concept. Told from alternating points of view of both Jake and Becca, there is a lot of action, however there were some points when the reader would have to go back to see which point of view is being told. There were numerous grammatical and spelling errors which took away from the book. Character development was poor but could have been improved had the novella been longer. Stacy Bennett has a talent for writing from a canine’s point of view, which shows a good amount of research. With some good editing and perhaps a little more in the way of story development, this book would have been excellent. Stacy Bennett shows a lot of promise!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick