Some Veil Did Fall (Rosetti Mysteries #1)


While covering a Goth festival in Whitby, Becky finds more than wannabe Draculas and the white-faced undead. The tumblers of fate lock into place when she bumps into her old friend Lissy’s brother, Jon Nelson, who has a photography studio in the tourist town. A bubbling chemistry and old bonds have them solving a mysterious set of events which unfold when Becky puts on a dress copied from the 1850’s. Add an old writing slope with a secret compartment, a 150 year-old murder and ghosts that refuse to rest until their story is known and you have the threads of “Some Veil Did Fall.”  

A gentle romance mixed with goose bumps are written with a stealthy hand and solid plot. Becky came across a little sharp and demanding at times, but with ghosts and ex-boyfriends popping up, her edginess is understood. Jon is not magazine gorgeous, but instead an everyday handsome guy allowing his good nature to lure the heroine. The mystery unfolds in contemporary time but the author does something unique and takes the reader back to view the story first hand in the 1850’s. Also captured in this novel is the essence of each of the unique settings in the British countryside. A couple of points are revealed at the end of the story that may have been more useful near the beginning to bridge the reason why Becky is chosen to chase down the answers to a love story that can finally rest in peace.

“Some Veil Did Fall” delivers chills to a reader as if a ghost were reading over their shoulder!

Natasza Waters