Solace Shattered (Solace Book 2)


FANTASY:  It is confirmed the awful dragon-like creatures known as draeden are once again entering the world.  Having failed with Prince Chane, Arvana is desperate to find someone with the ability to use the ancient relic called the Blue Eye to stand as champion against the draeden.  Other than the Blue Eye, the only way to defeat a draeden is with a blessed sword, but there are only two, and one of them belongs to Chane.  Captain Degarius unknowingly carries the other.  As Arvana and Degarius spend time together, they are inevitably drawn to one another.  Both are too honorable to act on their attraction, but Arvana needs to know if Degarius could be the champion she is searching for.  The chance for solace is slipping further away


Solace Shatteredis a gripping continuation of the tale that was begun in Seeking Solace.The romance between Arvana and Degarius is sweetly endearing even as they fight against it.  Jumping right in where the previous book left off, readers who have not already read the first entry in this series will struggle to understand what is going on in the broader story, but it is easy to root for the relationship developing between Arvana and Degarius, which speaks to the authors talent and the quality of her storytelling ability.  A startling complication in the final pages jacks the tension up to another level even as it sets the stage for the next volume.  Well done!


Leslie Stokes