So Shall I Reap (The Unseen #1)


Tevin is a Grim Reaper. Once he was a Child-of-Balance – given a choice of which House to join: that of Light, Time, or Space. Now Alexcia is one, and she can sway the balance of Creation itself. Everyone wants to claim her loyalty, but she is clueless and trying to live the life of a popular teenager. Everything changes when her friends are killed in an accident and strange things start happening. Tevin, her protector, along with Alexcia’s daemon father and angel mother must strive to keep her safe, after all – who knows what all is hiding, unseen?


"So Shall I Reap" is an ambitious beginning of what promises to be a unique series. However, this book feels a bit too much like a setup for something to come – and a confusing one at that. Most everything to do with the world building is not explained well enough. Also, the first person POV feels very awkward and stilted, with exposition very out of place and Alexcia…well, writing young teenage girls is not easy, and she just doesn’t come across as likable or real in any way. No clear character arcs, or a clear, edge-of-your-seat plot. There is potential in the idea behind this book, but it just doesn’t live up to it. Maybe the next book in the series will strengthen all that out? This reviewer hopes so.


Mimi Smith