Snow the Vampire Slayer (Fairelle Series - Book 2)

Rebekah R.

FANTASY:  Snow Gwyn has spent the majority of her life being what everyone else wanted her to be. As the only living female member of the family, Snow hid her dreams of excitement to become her seven brothers' caretaker, chef, and at times nurse. Her brothers have needed constant tending to since they received their magical calling, which thrust them into the roles of vampire slayers. Stealing a few hours away for herself, every night Snow would run to a hidden glen on her family's land. While there, she meets a stranger, an extremely handsome man she discovers is a vampire. This puts her new love directly in her brothers' cross-hairs. Her brothers' hatred of Sage's kind grows, while Sage refuses to fade into the ether though his love puts them in danger. He challenges her, fights for her because he is her destiny.  In time, she realizes everything she ever wished for could be found in his arms. 

This novel spun an inventive retelling of a well-loved fairy tale, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." Ms. Ganiere managed to keep the classic's fundamental elements while creating a fresh and beautifully written version complete with a strong female character as well as a passionate love story. Creativity abounds from the fantastical world with different realms in chaos to the love and affection between the characters. All kept the story flowing. Intrigue, forbidden love, and tragedy swept this reader's imagination to another time and place, wishing for Snow and Sage's happily ever after, sad when the story finally ended.   

Amy Willis