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Eight Days of Christmas

Isabella Whitley hasn’t been home for Christmas in ten years after moving to New York to chase her dreams. This year, her sister is getting married for the holidays and as the maid of honor, can’t miss it. Between having to fly home after ten years and her recent breakup, she’s on edge throughout her whole flight.

Helena Montgomery has a secret; by day she is a spinster, preparing her younger sister, Harriet, for the London season and keeping her younger brother in university. At night, Helena becomes a cloaked highwaywoman with five of her fellow female friends. This is the only way she can afford everything for her sister to have her season and her brother to remain in school.

Lady Blythe Welborne has one love, Pitt Rutherford. Even when both Blythe and Pitt were children the affection was there. Seven years later, both Pitt and Blythe have grown up. Blythe is a much-respected lady who is back to celebrate her friend’s wedding, and Pitt has become an outlaw with devious intentions.

Konstantine Petrakis, owner of the posh Ocean Pearl Resort, can’t figure out who is stealing all of the great marketing ideas for the place. Konstantine could lose more money if they don’t find the culprit soon. He decides, in order to find the person, he will take on a secret identity and become Dean Peters, ordinary hotel maintenance man.

When he is wounded and then piled under dead soldiers, Colonel Matthew Romney is sure he is going to die. But luck is on his side when he is found by a woman who will change his life. Bethany Phillips is looking for herbs when she is caught in the crossfire of a battle, she takes cover until it’s over. When the battle has ended, she finds an injured man under a pile of dead bodies.