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Francis Hildebrand Storme, commonly known as Brand, was a Navy man his whole life—until he lost his eye in an intense battle. Now, Brand has become the rake of Ipswich and vows that love isn’t real, until he meets Miss Elizabeth Hayhurst.

Abby Marlow is a powerful coding expert who gets hired at one of the best IT security firms in the country. She’s finally reached her goal of becoming financially independent after the turmoil she experienced in her childhood. However, the CEO of the company, Ted Endicott, may be the only thing standing in her way of success.

Brigid MacNaughton is a tomboy, and she’s quite happy with that. Her family knows she can’t stay that way and entice a husband, so they send her to London to learn how to become a lady. In order for her to become ‘marriageable’, she hides her true self. Frank Raines, meanwhile, has been lied to his entire life.

The Montagues and the Capulets—or in this case, the Anworths and the Carmichaels. A feud that spans generations and a love to heal all. When James Anworth is told he has to move back to London, he’s furious, and not eager to go back to an unfamiliar place. His father wants nothing more than to return.

Poppy Prince is the girl no one saw in school and the woman no one can love now. To get revenge on her ex-husband for cheating on her, she wants to leave a bag of dog poo on his front porch. She’s almost able to achieve this until her arch-nemesis finds her and stops her. Her arch-nemesis, Deputy Chuck Duke, has been a thorn in her side since he stood her up in high school.