Smoke & Mirrorz


Scheri Bloom always dreamed of becoming a writer.  When she marries Derek Worley and he offers her a publishing opportunity she believes she's got it all.  That is, until Derek begins to show his true sinister nature. After months of abuse and fearing for her life she is finally able to escape, and she hits the road.  In one small town she is drawn to a carnival, and a magician named Z.  He picks Scheri out of the audience for an illusion trick and with just one touch, he instantly becomes stronger and connected.  


Azizi ab'd al Jadu, the man known as "Z" is also a man with secrets.  His true nature is far from anything Scheri could have imagined. Falling in love is not an option - but if she will just give in, it is a stronger power than evil.  


Cynthia Lucas finds an incredibly unique twist that will delight paranormal fans! The interesting background information regarding jinn, angels and their history before the story begins is a genuine bonus. The mood is set and the readers' interest is piqued.  One instantly feels for Scheri and her terrifying situation. The villain is despised and Scheri's bravery is applauded. The mystical and alluring Z is a powerful pull that draws the reader in with amazing ease. Unlike most jinn he shows a good side and is ultimately captivating.  With a magician’s touch, the author conjures up a magical story that comes to life with mystery and seduction! This is  an exceptional and rare look at jinn set in an utterly enchanting story.


Margaret Faria