Smoke and Ritual (Book 1)


Arya Frost is feeling defeated. She cannot pass her potion test. She already feels alone without a coven to belong to. Thankfully, she has her two close friends Sapphire and Diego to always fully support her and cheer her up. When a dead white crow suddenly appears in her room, it’s a bad omen for sure. Then another is thrown against her window. When the god Chaos comes to Sanctum (their home) it can only mean trouble is lurking. He is there to protect Arya and figure out why her Aunt Echo is hunting Arya. As soon as Arya learns about her true lineage (she is an Aether: a witch who controls all four elements) her world is turned upside down. Can she awaken her magic, help the others who need her, and keep Chaos under control?

“Smoke and Ritual” is a fantastic story of witches, harpies, gods and other mythical creatures. The creative world building is detailed in such a way that readers will feel like they are along for the ride, and the many plot twists keep the pages flying. The characters are endearing, and their connections are long lasting. Arya comes into her own after she declares, “…no matter what I did, there was always someone there to remind me that I wasn’t good enough,” and readers will be cheering for her growth and rising self-confidence. There are some gruesome bits along the way, and this book ends with a cliff hanger which leaves major threads of the story not tied up. Make sure the next installment is close at hand to see where Arya and Chaos land next.

Viola Robins