Sliver of Silver (The Blushing Death #3)

Suzanne M.

Dahlia has a mark on her head. Her enemies want her dead, and it’s only thanks to the protection of a vampire, Patrick, and pack alpha Dean, that she’s still alive today. With a string of gruesome murders terrorizing the city, all of them targeting Dahlia in some way, she’ll have to put her worries aside and get over the sadness haunting her after Danny’s death, in order to protect her loved ones. 

The book features a love triangle between Dahlia, Patrick and Dean, with the main character attracted to both of them, and possibly even in love with both. This dominated a huge part of the book, but the romance worked surprisingly well. The murder plot was a little heavy on the gore, but ultimately it formed a good background story and allowed Dahlia to develop into a stronger person. 

Dahlia was a mediocre main character, who struggled to be strong while emotionally she was quite weak. Her powers developed throughout the book, but her emotional stability didn’t alter much. The action and plot were solid though, and made up for this, but still a reader would expect the main character to change and develop more throughout a book. The writing was all right, although at times wordy. 

Majanka Verstraete