Skyshaker: A Steampunk Dystopian Adventure (The Great Iron War, Book 3)

Dean F.

SCI-FI/STEAMPUNK:  Demons rule the world and they have turned it into a biblical version of Hell.  Smoke obliterates the sun and the green of the earth has given way to vast dunes of sand and scorched earth.  


Humans are ruled by the Regime, a government composed of demons that took human form and took over the earth before anyone knew what was happening or how to stop them.  As with all great conflicts throughout human history, a Resistance movement led by General Rommond fights against the colonizers.  In a desperate move, they take to the sky determined to free the city of Blackout and destroy the Regime’s hold on its citizens.  No sacrifice is too great for General Rommond and his band of freedom fighters.

“Skyshaker” overall is an exciting tale of humanity’s dogged determination to fight colonial oppression.  Mr. Wilson’s original and imaginative world is filled with fascinating machinery and his prose is descriptive and skillful.  The story is well-paced at the beginning, but unfortunately lags and becomes bogged down in the middle as the scenes leading up to the battle itself seem overly drawn out.  Additionally, his characters are not quite fleshed out enough in the story for the reader to fully understand their motivations for their actions.  Despite these shortcomings, “Skyshaker” is a great story, full of action and well worth reading especially for fans of Steampunk.

Gwenellen Tarbet