Six (Rules Undying #2)


Paige Carmichael is an average girl with a less than average job. Her father adds the spice to her family tree as a paranormal investigator. He’s a bit of a nut, but hunting monsters that exists within and without the human humdrum. Paige’s boyfriend is less than ideal and lends zero spark to her life. When her father swoops in for a rushed visit, he brings some ominous warnings about vampires and werewolves. Legend, mystery and secrets burst her mundane life, and if she doesn’t take control of what’s to come, she may end up as prey rather than predator.

Originality linked with extraordinary characters and a mystery waiting to unravel makes this a memorable read! Sexy characters color the pages of this incredible story where a regular, maybe even a little submissive kind of gal named Paige, evolves into…sorry, can’t spoil it, but every paranormal and urban fantasy fan will want to get their hands on this very creative plot. Thanks to Paige’s father and a little DNA to darken her future and add intrigue, “Six” falls into the can’t-put-this-book-down category. There’s grit and depth to Ms. Carr’s characters and it’s backed up with dialogue that intensifies with the story. Different is good, and this story breaks more than a few molds. Looking for intrigue? Creativity? Tension? There’s more to come in this series, and publication of the next book can’t come soon enough.

Sloane Austen