Sinners' Opera


Morgan D'Arcy is a centuries-old vampire and modern-day classical pianist.  His existence has been long and lonely, but he's had a passion or two to keep him company.  One is to break vampire law and have a child, the other is the human woman Isabeau.  D'Arcy has watched over Isabeau since her birth as her guardian angel, mentor, and benefactor.  She is a brilliant geneticist and a beautiful woman. She hasn't seen her childhood guardian for years, nor does she know how involved he has always been in her life.  But her recent research on unknown DNA has brought her to the attention of the vampire lawmakers, and time is running short for Lucien's dream of a life and children with his beautiful obsession.

A story told with almost lyrical prose, this tale of forbidden love has a Gothic feel. Dark undertones and mysterious intentions lace this paranormal romance.  D'Arcy has such narrow minded focus that the reader can't help but to empathize with him.  However, every character involved seems somewhat ambiguous, and it was hard to tell just who the villains were or what their purpose is, for that matter.  D'Arcy isn't wholly good, nor wholly bad, but his obsession comes across quite intensely. Isabeau is a smart woman, but easily won over in regard to D'Arcy. Their romance can only be described as intense and passionate even as the direction of their relationship remains hazy and undefined. It's an edge of your seat romance that will leave the reader wondering how this seemingly doomed love could possibly work.


Nicole Duke