The Singing Star (Stars and a Wind #3)

Barbara Gaskell

Shrouded amidst the great ice castle of the north, Skarga has finally found love and acceptance — but at what cost?  The demonic man who once held her captive is determined to destroy her and the life she loves. All the brutality Skarga has had to face is both rewarded and punished as Thoddun prepares for war and she must find a way to protect him and to help keep his people safe, but there are things at play that even Thoddun does not imagine.  His love for Skarga is strong but it may require more than he is able to give up in order to keep her.  His strength is unmatched, his reputation renowned but is his only weakness the one that will destroy all Transanima?


As the final installment in the Stars and a Wind trilogy, this story does not disappoint! The reader will delight at the great love Skarga and Thoddun have developed and the plot is just as beautiful and poetically written as in previous books.  The pacing is a bit slow with everything centered on the upcoming battle.  The odd interactions with Grymr can be confusing and a bit unsettling, as well.  Even so, the story continues to hold readers captive as the race to save both a race and a great love climaxes in a sigh-worthy way!


Ruth Lynn Ritter