Simon (Le Beau Brothers #2)

V. A.

Simon Le Beau has returned home to New Orleans after serving his country for four years and suppressing the wolf side of his being. Suffering from PTSD, he finds himself struggling for control and trapped in wolf form. With the help of his brother’s wife Anna, who is a healer, he’s slowing gaining progress. However, when Rose O’Leary, Anna’s best friend, comes for a visit, Simon realizes that he’s found his mate and probably his salvation. Rose, who has her own problems and no idea that shifters even exist, is inexplicitly drawn to Simon and doesn’t know why. When a sinister plot to destroy the LeBeau family manifests itself, Simon and Rose’s relationship is threatened.


This intriguing paranormal romance, which takes place in charming New Orleans and its bayous, is a unique take on the shifter genre with its inclusion of a former Marine suffering from PTSD. Starting slow, its pace soon builds up speed, grabbing the reader with its creative blending of action, danger, and the supernatural. There are some issues with shifting POVs and minor editing. In addition, Simon’s PTSD needs more fleshing out, however, these take a back seat to the enthralling plot line that moves at a good pace with characters that are likeable, chemistry that is palpable, and love scenes that are steamy. Although this tale deals with the paranormal, the humanistic side of the characters is not to be overlooked. Their loyalty, deep emotional ties, compassion, and deep family love bring their all too human side to the forefront. Readers of many genres will find this utterly fascinating novel a worthy read.


Janna Shay