The Silver Rose (Greenwood Witches Trilogy #1)

Rowena May


Ding… Dong… Is there anything more frightening than the sound of bells for a witch? For it means she must find her mate and bind her magic with him in one month or she will lose her magic forever. Now, it’s Rosa’s time and the only male who seems like a candidate is too mysterious and reluctant by half...     Aden Dragunis is an immortal warlock who has lost everything once because he loved a mortal woman. He doesn’t intend to make the same mistake again, no matter how beautiful and desirable Rosa is. He will hide his powers and find Rosa a proper mate, just as he was instructed. Even at the price of love…


Dragons, magic, meddling sisters and a ticking clock with everything at stake…there is nothing more a Paranormal Romance reader could ask for! “The Silver Rose” is an engaging, funny story that will leave a reader forsaking all other tasks until love has found a way! Aden is a typical tortured, powerful hero with strong defenses, but a soft heart and Rosa is just the capable, gentle witch to get through to him. The added thrills in this book are definitely the side characters. Rosa’s sisters are just a bundle of fun and so are Aden’s colleagues. The writing itself could use a little polishing, the mythology needs some building up and a certain twist at the end was rather unnecessary, but the foundations of what might be a brilliant trilogy have certainly been laid!


Mimi Smith