Silent Whisper


Parrish is a fashion model on a winter shoot in West Virginia. Tired of feeling cooped up, she decides to venture out on her own and is in a horrible crash. She gets out of the mangled car and finds herself in a cemetery, looking at a forlorn looking young girl. She approaches her and then her world spins out of control and fades to black. When she awakens, she is living the life of Karlie, a prostitute. Shes the favourite of Nick and he promises to take her out of this lifestyle. Before she knows it, he has made good on his promise - but he has a dark secret, one that promises to destroy the tenuous relationship he has with the beautiful and misguided Karlie. This secret may result in her demise.


This story is unique in that Karlie takes over the body of Parrish in order to tell her tale. Ms. Smith grabs the readers attention from the very beginning with this page-turner filled with intrigue. Many of the characters are not who they seem to be, but it still doesnt prepare one for the last plot twist at the end. The characters are deep and several of them are living dual lives. The background against which the story is played out is colourful and makes the novel feel even more realistic. This is a beautifully told story that captures and holds the attention till the very last page is turned!


Belinda Wilson