Silent Screams (Book 1, The Dragon Queen Series)


Sharayna ‘Rayne’ Piers is a singer living the life of tours and fans. When she turns twenty, though, strange visions start haunting her and she thinks she’s going insane. When demon hunting vampire Demetri Bithanos finds her she discovers that there are horrible inhuman things out there and the world is not what she was led to believe. A war between good and evil is brewing and she is an important piece at the center of the playing field. Will her destiny break or strengthen her?


As this story unfolds around a prophecy, the details, machinations, lies and truths are slowly but surely revealed. Who is an ally and who is the enemy? A war is coming and those in the know are gearing for a battle - the ultimate battle between Heaven and Hell.  Sharayna has no idea who and what she is or how important she is to both sides. She’s strong yet ignorant of her true nature, so she makes mistakes that could have been avoided if her guardians had given her a heads up. Demetri is feared the world over, yet he’s a delicious contrast between good and evil. Several story lines are introduced and skillfully woven together to make the whole. However, the slang-filled dialogue is at times hard to decipher, slowing the pace of the reader.  The story could also have used a final round with an editor as there are several easily corrected errors. On the whole this is an excellent new take on an ultimate war between Heaven and Hell that is well worth reading!


Carol Conley