Shifting Darkness (A Forest of Darkness Book 4)


For as long as he could remember Vince LaRue has had to deal with being the only shifter he knew of that couldn't shift. Believing himself to be some sort of hybrid, Vince has become resigned to living a solitary life without love or a family of his own. Besides, what woman wants damaged goods? When Vince is offered a place in the Brookhaven family, it almost feels too good to be true. Accepted by his new pack and falling for a woman that he can see a future with, he starts to believe in the impossible. But will the secrets that he's been keeping prevent him from having the life he dreams of?

The fourth foray into the A Forest of Darkness series, “Shifting Darkness” immerses readers into the Brookhaven family of vampires and shifters. Ms. Wendley once again treats readers to an experience like no other, masterfully expanding upon her much-loved universe. While Vince’s upbringing is explained in detail, readers may wish that Penny’s past was further explored. In spite of Penny’s hot-tempered nature, much of the conflict between the two of them is due to a lack of communication. It isn't just the characters who make this story so gripping; it's the author's incredible world building. Although each novel can be read as a stand-alone, readers could only benefit from starting at the beginning. With the return of some favorite characters and the introduction of compelling new ones, fans will cheerfully await the next book in this addictive series. 

Chantel Hardge