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Sol’s family is poor, but that does not excuse them from having to pay to the cruel King Nokkyn. The King agrees to take Sol as his property, forcing her to become part of his harem, in lieu of payment. Then Sol meets a mysterious stranger in the woods who calls himself Fenris, and despite his outrageous claims, she falls for him almost right away.  

Isobel Campbell has a secret mission: to find a safe place to keep the holiest relic in all of Scotland. She is escorted on this mission by a mysterious crusader, Alexander MacKinnon, who has just returned home to Scotland. 

Tori Duarte is a self-described badass gamer girl who has battled to rise to the top of the computer-gaming world despite its inherent misogyny. When she gets too deep into the illegal gambling side of the illicit gaming world, her only way out is to work with the FBI to bring down the infamously secretive and lethal Symphis, ruler of the illegal gaming syndicate called the Stadium.

Billionaire Chris Everett is lost in grief after tragically losing his wife and unborn child years ago — Christmas. Now he is going home to Montana for the holidays and needs a pretend girlfriend to keep his well-intending family at bay. Kate Grant is a starving artist who moonlights by delivering singing-grams.

PARANORMAL:  After dreaming of a beautiful white wolf, Ava is convinced he is meant for her. Born to fae and wolf-shifter parents, she has the exceptional ability to connect with wolves and see threads of communication between them. Hunter is a wolf were-shifter, and protector of the Arctic wolves.