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The Circle Unbroken

HISTORICAL/INSPIRATIONAL:  In the summer of 1964, Mavis Powell moves to New York City to stay with her aunt and uncle in order to escape the dangers of racial discourse in Mississippi.  Although missing her family, the moment Mavis meets Harris, she knows her heart is drawing her to him.  Against her family’s wishes, the two set out on a journey together that will lead them on a road they never

TECHNO THRILLER:  In a world that relies highly on digital technology, moving to a digital currency is simply the next step.  With new technology ideas and plans comes the race to be the company who provides the code for the world.  With many impostors hiding on the dark net, it is up to the R-Group to help guide everyone in the right direction.  With a whole slew of new and returning character

Rational Creatures
Joana Starnes, Elizabeth Adams, Nicole Clarkston, Karen M. Cox, J. Marie Croft, Amy D'Orazio, Jenetta James, Jessie Lewis, Kara Lynne Mackrory, Lona Manning, Christina Morland, Beau North, Sophia Rose, Anngela Schroeder, Brooke West, Caitlin Williams
Narrator: Victoria Riley

HISTORICAL/ANTHOLOGY:  Jane Austen wrote about strong and witty women, who are still some of the most iconic characters in literature.  However, did you ever wonder what happened to these beloved characters after the story ended, or wish to have a backstory for another?  Questions such as: how did Charlotte truly get along with Mr.

LGBTQ/M/M:  At first, privileged university student Raffael Bjornsson seems to be a rebel without a meaningful cause. He cannot resist wagering unwise bets. He is fixated on the superficial details of people’s physical appearance: clothes, shoes, and cars. His friendship with Felix and Tanja includes a rotation of pairing off for one-on-one sexual activities between them.

The Shadowheart Curse

Talented medium Adrianna Sinclair flees New York City for her family’s ancestral property in Umbria, Italy when she makes a mistake that leads to deadly consequences and negative media exposure. Police scrutiny, bad press, and guilt make her life miserable. The bucolic Italian countryside appears to be a peaceful retreat as it hides dangerous secrets and powerful spirits.