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The Book of David
Kate L.

Willow Sands is trapped. Imprisoned in a commune and destined to marry in mere weeks.


SPECULATIVE FICTION:  Mia Serenity Turner, a twenty-something rich kid with too much time and money, and too little affection from a father who simply cannot be bothered. Nothing in Mia’s world is quite right, but it isn’t a problem a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive cannot alleviate—at least for a little while.  And Peanut, Mia’s pet Pomeranian, doesn’t mind either.

Cainnech MacPherson, built for battle and filled with insatiable hatred for the English, cannot fathom a world without bloodshed or his need for vengeance.  His loyalty to the Scots is unequivocal. When Robert the Bruce assigns him the task of retaking the English border, Cain is eager to oblige.

Zane Gideon is determined to find Wilder Swift at any cost, even if it means going through all of Hell’s Rings. Problem is, the Hell Runner Society has issued a lock down on all Soul Savers, so he’s stuck waiting. Delphine Claudel has been having visions her entire life, masked as nightmares. With her grandmother’s protection, she has remained hidden from the Hell Runner Society.

Can Dreams Come True? (Cecily Taylor Series: Book 1)
Krysten Lindsay Hager,
Narrator: Nicole Blessing

YOUNG ADULT:  Cecily Taylor has always had a crush on singer Andrew Holiday. When he comes to her hometown to film a music video, she cannot pass up the opportunity to audition for a part as an extra. Who would want an ordinary girl next door to be the star? Apparently Andrew Holiday. He is more than happy to give her all of his attention, leaving her boyfriend Zach more than a little jealous.