Recent Reviews

HISTORICAL:  Caught between two lands, Magnar McAlpin is the leader of the Wolves of Clan Sutherland and loyal to the King of Scotland. But, to many, he is just a heathen Northman. Elspeth Gunn is the sister of the slain chieftain of Castle Steinn. On the run with her nine-year old nephew, she stumbles into the hands of the king’s men.

How to Seduce a Spy (Potions and Passions Book 1)
Catherine Stein
Narrator: David Lane Pusey

PARANORMAL/HISTORICAL:  Elle Deschamps is a barmaid who also happens to be a potions expert. She’s quite good at it, but her talent won’t last for much longer if her magic supply runs out—a problem that is becoming more real every passing day. When she’s hired by a mysterious gentleman to help search for the source of the magical serum, she can’t say no.

Two Worlds Collided
Karen Michelle Nutt
Narrator: Sharmila Devar

TIME TRAVEL/PARANORMAL:  Evie Reid is a long-time fangirl of super rockstar Bellamy Lovel. She’s part of his fan club and can’t shake the notion that he’s the embodiment of perfection. The only problem is he tragically committed suicide in 1997. When given the chance to go back and time to try and stop him, Evie jumps at the chance.

The Capture
Julie Coulter Bellon
Narrator: Tristan Wright

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Julian Bennet and Zaya Altes have finally found true love with one another. On the day Julian buys her an engagement ring, Zaya is kidnapped by international terrorist Nazer al-Raimi. In Nazer’s prison, Zaya is tortured for information about Julian. It takes nearly six months for Julian to find her and rescue her from Nazer’s clutches.

The Turkish Affair
J. Arlene Culiner

Narrator: Jill Culiner

MYSTERY:  This was a delightful story, blending scenes from Karakuyu, a Turkish archeological dig site, with the atmosphere of a conservative Turkish village. Archaeologist Renaud Townsend and translator Anne Pierson are thrown together after the prior site archeologist goes missing.