Abby’s little sister Carrie is always telling her she needs a man in her life.  Abby disagrees. What she needs is another cat, and so when she spots a purebred Maine Coon kitten at her local animal shelter she falls instantly in love and adopts the little stray.

Dimitri is a shape shifter cursed by a witch to remain in the form of a housecat and dropped off at the local animal shelter, sure to be euthanized. Abby unwittingly saves his life by adopting him, and her actions set in motion a sequence of events that will change both their lives.

The book’s tale of a powerful wolf shifter trapped in the form of a housecat is refreshingly playful and new.  However, the story style is expositional and the author uses sexual assault as a plot device to move the story along to its inevitable conclusion.  

There is little meaningful character development in “Shifter” and the author has missed the opportunity to tell the story of a woman’s transformation from victim to that of a self-realized sensual and sexual being. More research into the effects of sexual abuse on its victims would have helped for a clearer understanding of issues faced by survivors and a more balanced character in Abby.

“Shifter” is an original story with vivid and descriptive prose. 

Gwenellen Tarbet