Shifter’s Storm – Ice Age Shifters, Book 5

Van Natta

Magically locked in his animal form of a prehistoric sloth, Dauro de Mar has been trapped in an exiled fairy’s constructed world for over 400 years. Captured as part of an exotic menagerie, he and a few other shifters have been planning their escape. Deputy Sheriff and black leopard shifter, Chantal Hammond, is accidentally trapped inside the fantasy world when she tries to help two escaped captives. Answering her calling to help those in need, Chantal teams up with Dauro to break free of the fairy stronghold that is now collapsing because its master has met her demise and her magic is failing. Recognizing they are also mates, they must ensure Dauro’s fellow captives will escape both the fantasy prison and the capture of slavers intent on selling them into another sentence of bondage.

“Shifter’s Storm” by Carol Van Natta is a unique shifter tale of fantasy and thrilling action! Although it is the fifth installment in her Ice Age Shifter series, the book stands well on its own. Readers may find the initial dive into the thoughts of a prehistoric sloth a bit off-putting, but once they make the shift, they will find themselves captive in a magical fantasyland. The characters instant attraction due to the mating bond is not fleshed out enough to make their love for each other believable. However, readers will enjoy the thrilling antics used to get away from evil hunters and avaricious young fairies! The steamy love scene may cause a few blushes or some wishful desires. Ms. Van Natta’s take on the shifter genre is unexpected, compelling, and worthy of adding to your list of must read series.

Tonya Mathenia