Shift Work (A Carus Novel, Book 4)


Andrea awakes to the phone trilling in her ear. The caller has a message for her – the Master Vampire is dead. The call is also to determine if she too is dead, since she had once been blood-bonded to the vampire. Then she gets a call from her friend Stan, at the Vancouver PD. His wife has just been murdered and he needs her and her shifting abilities to track down the murderer so he can have his revenge. Arriving at the murder scene she picks up all sorts of odors when she is in mountain lion form. What’s puzzling is Andy senses fear from the deceased and that she was hiding something from Stan…


What starts out as a typical shape-shifter novel becomes an exceptional one as the characters are introduced. Andrea shifts into several animals in rapid succession and is in love with the Alpha were-leopard, Tristan. While there are elements of a romance in this novel, the body of the story is devoted to the mystery of whom the murderer might be and who is the distributor of the newest drug, KK. The blemish in the story is that the author insists on using the word “passed” for “past” and "identic" memory instead of "eidetic". The story also got bogged down because every time Andrea mentions Tristan she has to also describe his scent. This book has a novel twist on the ordinary shape-shifter trope and leaves the reader wanting more at the end of the story.


Belinda Wilson