Shift Happens (Carus Series #1)


Andrea McNelly is a unique shifter who escaped from a brutal and abusive pack, and took a job with a government agency bringing down supernatural criminals. After a job goes wrong Andy is thrown in with a new pack, one under the thumb of a powerful vampire, and ordered to find out who set her up.  If she fails she faces spending the rest of her life enslaved to a psychopath. Unable to escape, Andy must track down the real mastermind behind the assassination, and fend off the electrifying attentions of the pack Alpha, Wick, who wants Andy for his mate. Accomplishing all this, and discovering just what she really is, won’t be easy and might just cost her the one thing she truly values:  her freedom.


A new spin on paranormal romance, Andrea McNelly has three animal spirits within her and is able to change into any of the three. The world knows supernaturals exist, but Ms. McKenzie has given the society a new spin on what supernaturals such as werewolves and vampires are really like and what the rules are. Andrea’s past is dark and the whole book is full of both steamy and disturbing sexual tension and suspenseful action. The characters are clearly defined, and the sparks between Andrea and Wick really fly. The major downside is the beginning of a love triangle toward the end. Overall, paranormal romance lovers will want to add this one to their list!


Sarah E Bradley