Shattered Spirits (Dragon Spirit #2)


Capri has a secret shes been protecting for centuries she is a dragon. Nothing can threaten her identity, not even feelings she developed for a human man so long ago. To top it all off, the unrest in the dragon world is making everything even more unbearable. When she discovers a dragon has been murdered she sets out to find the killer. She didnt count on Detective Ryan Miller, who looks so much like her dead beloved.

Ryan has a secret as well sometimes, he can see the future. That secret makes his life lonely.  His attraction to Capri isnt completely welcome, especially since it looks like she has a secret as well.

"Shattered Spirits" is the second book in C.I. Black's Dragon Spirit series which is set amidst an intriguing dragon society. The world building and the happenings in the dragon world are interesting to read about, but the romance itself suffers for it. There are a plethora of characters to sort out in the beginning, but once thats done the reading goes much smoother. There is also the somewhat uncomfortable way  Capri keeps comparing Ryan to her dead lover. Even her attraction is tied to the memories. Somehow, it makes it harder to believe that she truly cares about Ryan. 

All in all, though, the great world building, action, adventure and adrenaline makes this story shine!

Ana Smith