Shaping Destiny


College freshman Leah Hawk is looking forward to dorm life after leaving home for the first time.  She even has longtime boyfriend Jared to help her make the transition, but things aren’t always as they seem.  When Leah suspects she has a stalker following her every move, she’s relieved to find he’s her savior when she’s kidnapped because of a decades-old family feud. 


Hired bodyguard Max Slate didn’t expect to be drawn to his ward, but is profoundly thankful he is drawn to Leah and saves her from multiple threats.  The growing attraction is mutual, which places a strain on her relationship with Jared, and it only deteriorates when she learns she’s a rare shape shifter.  Can she survive the threats on her life and learn to manage her newfound reality?

This new adult, paranormal shifter story will be enjoyed by tweens.  The story progresses at a steady pace while Leah and Jared’s relationship erodes with Max stepping into the leading light, revealing shifting roles that evolve throughout. Seasoned readers will find that there are several editing issues, as well as ambiguous paragraphs that may cause confusion. In addition, the villainous character may feel somewhat underdeveloped, which, combined with the century-old family feud, may not be believable.  However, younger readers will enjoy the action and the supernatural elements. With some editing and fixing of the issues, this novel’s rating has the potential to rise.

Roberta Gordon