The Shadowheart Curse


Talented medium Adrianna Sinclair flees New York City for her family’s ancestral property in Umbria, Italy when she makes a mistake that leads to deadly consequences and negative media exposure. Police scrutiny, bad press, and guilt make her life miserable. The bucolic Italian countryside appears to be a peaceful retreat as it hides dangerous secrets and powerful spirits. Born more than 100 years earlier, Luca Fausto is trapped in the space between life and death because of a curse. He is drawn to Adrianna and needs her help. The property’s caretakers seem harmless, but Adrianna is not completely sure she can trust them to tell her everything she needs to know. Strange phenomena and the accumulation of generations of resentment threaten Adrianna’s safety and her hopes for making a fresh start. 

“The Shadowheart Curse” is atmospheric. Italy’s cultural gravitas upon Adrianna’s arrival yields to the murky menace of abandoned and crumbling portions of her ancestral property that have been renovated with the intention of renting them to tourists. This author quickly establishes a sense of the geographical and emotional layout, which provides a robust backdrop for the dynamic rapport between Adrianna and Luca, and the other featured characters. A few minor incidents where Adrianna and Luca act clueless about being in jeopardy only briefly detract from the multifaceted believable characterizations, relatable dialogue, and variable pacing that reinforce the narrative momentum of this entertaining love story with a few clever twists. 

Cardyn Brooks