The Shadow and the Sugar Bean

Marj W.

Queen Morana created the shadow—aka  Sokach—to protect her; she has created a brother for him—Velimir. Unfortunately,  Velimir is all about himself and power, but knows his place on the food chain.  Morana has a taste for treats and the Sugar Bean food truck has what she needs.  Bluebell MacKaig is not about to tangle with a man, because her last one is in jail for abusing her.  She is working towards owning her own bakery shop, but for now she drives and bakes.  When she and Sokach find themselves helplessly thrown together, he must decide whether to protect his queen or protect his heart.

Look out paranormal readers here comes one that will have you cheering for the demons!  Sokach and Bluebell’s relationship has a natural ebb and flow.  This allows the reader to experience the stages in a relationship from flirtation to passion .. The characters are written with depth of emotion, passion and allegiance that unfurls throughout the story until it can no longer be denied by either.  The story-built world does seem believable, yet the powerful queen should have been able to detect Velimir’s double life long before she did.  Having a badass demon who succumb to a frail  human woman, either makes the story complex, or takes the demon out of character. “The Shadow and The Sugar Bean” is a hot read that will have you reaching for an ice-cold beverage! 

Laura Dinsdale