Shadow’s Awakening, Shadow Warder, #1


Connor Munro is a Warder. His job is to fight the Vorati demons, sucking them from their human hosts into a calix where they remain imprisoned. Connor is a play-by-the- rules kind of guy and he’s done his duty for over a hundred years. When a Shadow suddenly contacts him and tells him he needs to rescue an untrained Shadow from a nest of Vorati, Connor is shocked. A Warder is not allowed to have any contact with a Shadow. Even though it goes against the rules he decides to check out the situation - and finds Hannah Green being held prisoner and tortured. Duty demands he turn her in to the Directorate so they can contact a Shadow to pick Hannah up. However, his gut screams to keep her far away. When duty wins out over instinct, Hannah will pay the price and Connor may never forgive himself.


Hunky honorable heroes, a feisty brave heroine and shiver-inducing villains mixed into a twisty plot make for quite a powerful and fast-paced read! A plot years in the making is coming to fruition when suddenly a spanner is thrown into the works. Told from several viewpoints this intriguing world and the fascinating characters inhabiting it are drawn in clear relief, so much so that one can’t help but experience the ups and downs right along with the characters. This story mixes fantasy, paranormal, romance, mystery, suspense and steaminess into one delectable read and if it weren’t for the cliffhanger ending it would be an intensely satisfying experience.


Carol Conley