Shadow’s Passion (Shadow Warder #0.5)


Celeste is a Shadow healer. She’s been exiled because of the instability of her powers and now lives alone, away from people. In a demon-hunting expedition she’s saved by a Warder and a demon assassin, Gabe. Warders and Shadows aren’t supposed to mingle - ever. But rules are meant to be broken, and the circumstances definitely warrant it. They’ll have to work together to survive and the possibility for more between them exists. The question is whether Gabe will be able to let his quest for vengeance against his brother’s murderer go before it destroys their happiness? 


Short and sweet it may be, but this novella is definitely hot enough to burn! “Shadow’s Passion” is a prologue to an exciting new series by Molle McGregor. It fulfills its purpose admirably; it hints, teases and gives readers just enough for them to head for the next book with haste. The lack of information about the different paranormal beings, their relationship, and the rules of the world is more than a little frustrating at times - the Warder/Shadow ban most of all, because it’s set up to be a major obstacle for the couple and then…nothing. 


The brevity of the book doesn’t give readers much time to get to know the characters, but what’s shown of them is definitely positive. Ditto on the faster-than-the-speed-of-light romance. ‘Tis the curse of novellas, alas, and on the whole Ms. McGregor has created a tasty appetizer. One can only hope the main course is as delicious as hinted!


Mimi Smith