The Sexy & the Undead, Sexy Witches, #1


Twenty-six-year-old Ella has a hard time keeping a job or finding a boyfriend.  It's not for the usual reasons, either - it's because she spends all of her time either caring for a zombie named Freddie or trying to reverse the curse that made him into one. One Valentine's Day, tired of being alone, she brews up a new potion.  This one isn't for Freddie at all.  She never expected it to work, but poof! There he is - the perfect boyfriend!  What on Earth is she going to do with him now?


For thousands of years, the Dark Angel named Samuel has been a warrior for the Heavens, a Guardian of the Gods.  He has also been lonely. When he is unexpectedly summoned from the Halls of the Gods by someone on Earth he is surprised to find the one woman who could be his for eternity. But does she feel the same?


From the beginning it was clear that this would be a funny, well-written paranormal story. What wasn’t clear, however, was how invested one would get with the characters and their relationships! The humor, plot and dialogue are very well-balanced and while fairly short in length there is enough depth to really get a sense of Ella and Samuel and how their loneliness has been prominent in their lives. Even the secondary characters are alive, interesting and amusing. The only real drawback is the length. Because it is a quick read, this tale gives very little back story and richer personalities for the characters would have been wonderful. Overall though it did not fail to entertain!


Carol Conley