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Pumpkin Everything

Amy Fox left Autumnboro, New Hampshire, straight out of high school with no intention of ever going back — that is, until her grandfather goes and literally drives into a Dunkin’ Donuts.  Now she finds herself not only having to face all those in the town she fictionalized in her horror novels, but also her childhood best friend Kit.  In the midst of everything pumpkin-spiced, Amy must find a w

After finally getting sober, Scarlett wants nothing more than to start over in a place where people don’t know her as the drug-addict songwriter.  Deciding a new adventure is just the ticket, she purchases an old grand mansion in the Shenandoah Valley to turn into a high-end bed and breakfast.  From the moment Scarlett arrives at the mansion though, odd things begin to happen.  When a tunnel un

For Lincoln, nothing beats the pleasure of successfully bringing in one of his bounties, but picking up one guy at his place of employment seems too easy.  The bounty is readily handed over, but when Lincoln delivers the bounty to the police station, he learns just how big the operation he’s now involved in is and that Skye Sommers might be involved as well.

SCI-FI/SPACE OPERA:  Sila leads a quiet, normal life on her planet, yet she yearns for adventure and the chance to explore other planets.

Leana Fraser needs a job far away from the lecherous and vindictive hands of her former employer. Assuming another’s governess position with the handsome privateer lord, James MacArron, Leana hopes that she can win over the former pirate’s unruly daughters and obtain safety with the ‘Devil of the Highlands.’ But the longer she works for Jamie, the more danger she risks to her heart.