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Zadicayn is the last wizard and has been locked up for three hundred years. If he dies, the Faewraith will kill all the humans on earth, and people will cease to exist. Brynella is working with her friend, Joseara, a known thief, to help Zadicayn escape, but the church and three prominent families want to keep him imprisoned and will do all they can to ensure Zadicayn is locked up once again.

Seventeen Days

Jenna Scott has moved into the house left to her by her grandpa after his death. She is still trying to put the pieces of her life back together after her divorce and is starting a new chapter. She meets a few of the locals who recommend a carpenter and neighbor, Rick Alverez, for some of the necessary renovations.

HISTORICAL:  Lady Catherine Langdon is no ordinary lady. Her family ancestry goes back to a group of early Celtic witches, and their unique and magical abilities have been passed onto her. Although she is under the watchful eye of her guardian, she is secretly studying to be a nurse. By chance she meets Asher Rossington, Earl of Carrick, and the new Marquess of Seabrook.

Drake, the Duke of Ravenscar, feels tremendous pressure to make the Chadwick Theatre a big success. Having booked the premiere ballerina Mademoiselle Taglioni for the theatre’s opening, Drake is feeling confident. However, the famous dancer bails on him, at the eleventh hour. A talented understudy, Britannia LeClair, is brought in to take her place.

Under Lock & Key

Paige’s new neighbors are certainly unusual. They look like gangsters, and Paige, while curious, would rather not get too close. However, she has work to do, and their dog’s incessant barking convinces her it is time to introduce herself.  Mick didn’t need any more complications, but when Paige shows up complaining about his dog, he fears she has seen too much.