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Working class Rose Gardener has finally achieved her goal of opening her own flower shop in London. She’s proud of how far she’s come but still doubts herself, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. The shy, awkward gentleman who frequents her shop is stations above her and would surely not be interested in an honorable relationship.

Since her brother has spent most of his time in England, Lady Marie O’Shea and her sisters have lived in relative freedom in their beloved seaside cottage. With their brother’s return to Ireland, she’s in for a rude awakening as he intends to see his sisters married to prevent them further besmirching the family with scandal.

Lady Cecilia Holmes is attending a month-long wedding house party in the Scottish Highlands with her family, but her heart remains in London where she’d been learning to be a nurse. She spends her time walking the hills and promptly becomes lost. She’s annoyed when her peace is interrupted by a handsome man and his adorable dog, but is soon charmed by them both.

HISTORICAL: Sebastian Tremont has a secret - he wears two faces. On the outside he is the upstanding gentleman, known as the Duke of Ashcroft, but to his small circle of friends, he is known as a fire-starter. Yes, Sebastian does light many things on fire, and sometimes his behavior causes things to get burned.

HISTORICAL: Lady Danielle “Danny” Haverfield is determined to stop her brother, Simon, from gambling and drinking himself into debt at the Lyon’s Den. Danielle pleads with Simon to just go home with her, but he refuses. Unfortunately, Simon is unsuccessful at winning back the money he loses to Matthew Lyon, a Lord to some and professor to others.